Which side of the Falls you prefer?

Please, give us your opnion. I have heard this question a thousand times, everybody ask me, it is hard to say. Well, Now you have to tell me!! Tell us a bit of your experiences at Iguassu Falls. Thanks for the opnion!!


Full moon at Iguassu Falls

The Full Moon tour is one of  my favorite,  romantic,  dramatic, mysterious, etc.. Well, i am a photographer, it is a great challenge for pictures. You can say "at night?" What you gonna see there? Dark in middle of the Iguassu National Park with jaguars.  The feeling of the power of the Falls is amazing , …

Photography Experiences at Iguazu Falls!

For photography lovers! Or crazy photographers! This tour was just made to make your photographic experience at Iguazu Falls more memorable! Go with a professional expert tour guide and photographer, get his knowledge to take the best pictures at Iguazu Falls! With the experience as a tour guide , my photo knowlodge and many years …