While Jaime is of German stock, he was born in Chile and is fluent in several languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese, and Hebrew. For several years he lived, worked and traveled extensively in the Middle East and Europe. After returning to his native Chile, Jamie joined the travel business and worked as a tour leader for several travel agencies. The tours offered by these agencies were usually for large groups and had tough schedules with little or no flexibility. Jaime wished to improve on this experience and pass on his love of his own country to others. He believed that his university education and his extensive experience in the industry would enable him to create and run his own agency that would be small and flexible and would consequently provide a better value to the touring public. He now offers customized tours to the independent traveler as well as to vacationers on cruise ships arriving at the port of Puerto Montt. His service enables the discerning traveler to make the most of a visit, regardless of the limited amount of time available or special interests to be pursued.
“So, let me take care of the details while you enjoy the beauty of southern Chile. I will do it for you.