Documents to travel to Argentine, Brazil & Paraguay.

Are you planning to travel to Iguazu Falls? Or travelling to other parts of Brazil, Argentine or Paraguay. First! Check your papers and  the requirements for it country. This post can help you to find the links with all the informations ... You can get some informations at , but the must important is check the informations... Continuar Lendo →

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For photography lovers! Or crazy photographers! This tour was just made to make your photographic experience at Iguazu Falls more memorable! Go with a professional expert tour guide and photographer, get his knowledge to take the best pictures at Iguazu Falls! With the experience as a tour guide , my photo knowlodge and many years... Continuar Lendo →

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Itaipu dam, at the border between Brazil and Paraguay, is now part of the Challenge Family triathlon series. It will be on September 8th and 9th. The Itaipu Challenge Sunset will have five events. The main race will be the Challenge Half Distance, on Saturday, September 9th 2017, 1.9 k of swimming at the Itaipu... Continuar Lendo →


  Itaipu is the first power plant to become part of the global biosphere reserve network. The incorporation of preserved areas on the Paraguayan side of the power plant was approved on Wednesday the 14th during the 19th session of the International Council for the Coordination of Man and the Biosphere of the Unesco MAB... Continuar Lendo →

305 etnias e 274 línguas: estudo revela riqueza cultural entre índios no Brasil

João Fellet - @joaofelletDa BBC Brasil em Washington 3 julho 2016 Image copyrightTHINKSTOCKImage captionPesquisa inédita do IBGE detalhou características de povos indígenas brasileiros Há mais indígenas em São Paulo do que no Pará ou no Maranhão. O número de indígenas que moram em áreas urbanas brasileiras está diminuindo, mas crescendo em aldeias e no campo.... Continuar Lendo →

Join this Experience!

Everybody has a reason to travel, for business, for fun, for congress, but not many travel to help people! Join this group if you have a good propose for your life! “Changing lives through service.” "We believe that service draws us closer to Christ. There is a great need for service in the world, and... Continuar Lendo →

APE cache and Iguassu Falls

Do you like to play it? Come to Brazil and find the APE cache at Intervales Park. Come to see and play at one of the Natural Wonders of Nature, the Iguassu Falls! The Iguassu area you can find caches in 3 countries (Argentine, Brazil and Paraguay), yes Paraguay too! Expert tour guide and Geocaching APE cache guide ,... Continuar Lendo →

Visa waiver for Rio 2016 results in praise by the World Travel & Tourism Council

Be welcome to Brazil! No visas! Institution praises Brazilian federal government action, looking on it with positive eyes and suggesting the benefit be extended The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) has praised Brazil for waiving the need for a visa for tourists from Australia, Canada, United States and Japan between 1 June and 18... Continuar Lendo →

Ciudad del Este- Paraguay

Ciudad del Este in Paraguay, one of the great experiences during your tour to the Iguassu Falls area! The second largest city in Paraguay and responsible for 90% of the smuggling in Brazil! Very busy and crowded! Photo by Rodrigo Mantovani see all the pictures  PoraY na TV Lets do the Street Safari at CDE!!!... Continuar Lendo →

Bird Park

One of the city’s most important tourist attractions, the Parque das Aves is located next to the entrance of the Iguassu National Park, a tour that takes tourists to the famous Iguassu falls, and both can be visited on the same day. Inside the Parque das Aves you will be in a unique universe, surrounded... Continuar Lendo →

Itaipu Dam- One Wonder of the Engineering

Itaipu Binacional is the largest power generator in the world, located on the river parana, the ninth in the world, the border between Brazil and Paraguay. It is an example of integration between the two countries.  Hydroelectricity is clean and renewable energy. Brazil would have to burn 536,000 barrels of oil per day to get... Continuar Lendo →

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