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Everybody has a reason to travel, for business, for fun, for congress, but not many travel to help people!

Join this group if you have a good propose for your life! “Changing lives through service.”

“We believe that service draws us closer to Christ. There is a great need for service in the world, and there are many youth who want to fill that need. Our mission is to provide opportunities for teens to serve in areas of the world where they can be of assistance to our less-fortunate brothers and sisters and grow their testimonies of the Gospel in an atmosphere that is safe, fun, and conducive to the standards of followers of Jesus Christ. ”

OK, lets stand up and join this group!

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Documents to travel to Argentine, Brazil & Paraguay.

Are you planning to travel to Iguazu Falls?

Or travelling to other parts of Brazil, Argentine or Paraguay.

First! Check your papers and  the requirements for it country.

This post can help you to find the links with all the informations …

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