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  Iguaçu National Park

The 185.000 hectares of subtropical rain forest, has a amazing fauna and flora with more than 2.000 plants , more than 330 especies  of birds , 85 especies of mammals including the big cats like jaguars and puma. It has a very good tourist infrastructure to receive more than one million visitors per year.

  • Walking at Iguassu Falls – The trail at brazilian side takes you through the rain forest to get the panoramic view of the Iguassu Falls with their 1,7 miles and around 275 falls. At this trail the more you walk, more you see.    One of the 7 natural wonders!!
  • Boat Ride at Iguassu Falls – The boat pass the
    rapids of the river until the Iguassu Falls. It reaching places near the falls. It takes you right in under of the Falls, the baptism on the falls is part of the tour.
  • Poço Preto Trail and The landing of birds – It is a guided trail through the wild and virgen rain forest by bike or walking . At the end of this trail has a observation tower in a lake. The navigation at the Upper Iguassu river is nice to see the caimans and at sunset a thousand of parrots land to sleep at the Taquara Island. This tour is excellent to watching birds and wild life.

Itaipu Hydroelectric dam

Itaipu Binacional is the largest power generator in the world, located on the river parana, the ninth in the world, the border between Brazil and Paraguay.

  • Panoramic tour –  The grandeur of the Itaipu Dam, a walk to feast your eyes on, seen from its most famous angles: the observation points, the gigantic dam that is approximately 8 km long and 196 feet tall, the spillway, the 1,350 km2 reservoir.
  • Special tour – A special and full of energy visit: in addition to seeing the famous sights of the Panoramic Tour, you will still get a closer look of the details of the Plant, the architecture of the majestic concrete cathedrals.


Bird Park

One of the city’s most important tourist attractions, the Parque das Aves is located next to the entrance of the Iguassu National Park, a tour that takes tourists to the famous Iguassu falls, and both can be visited on the same day.

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