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Waiver visas for USA, Canada, Japan and Australian travelers

It has been announced that Brazil will eliminate the tourist visa requirement for visitors from the US, Canada, Australia, and Japan.

Beginning June 17, U.S., Canadian, Australian and Japanese citizens can spend 90 days in Brazil from their date of entry, Brazil Tourism said in a statement. They can extend their stay for 90 more days, not to exceed 180 days in a year.

Brazilian indigenous: 305 ethnicities and 274 languages

This informations is from IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics) on the Brazilian indigenous peoples, based on the 2010 Census.

There are about 900 thousand indigenous in Brazil by IBGE (Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatística)

The North region 3 is home to the largest share of Brazilian Indians (37.4%), followed by the Northeast 2 (25.5%), the Midwest 1 (16%), the Southeast 4 (12%) and the South 5 (9.2%).


The study says that between 2000 and 2010, the percentage of Brazilian Indians living in the South and Southeast regions fell while growing in other regions.

And the percentage of indigenous people living in urban areas also fell, contrary to the rest of the national population.

Today 57.7% of the Brazilian Indigenous live in reserves.

The Indigenous living in these areas, 57.3% speak at least one native language, which drops to 9.7% among indigenous people living in cities.

Even in the South, a region of intense colonization and territorial occupation, 67.5% of the Indians living in reserves speak a native language, a number that is only lower than that of the Central West region (72.4%).

São Gabriel da Cachoeira, in the northwest of Amazonas. The municipality is home to 29,000 indigenous people and was the first in the country to approve three native languages ​​(tukano, baniwa and nheengatu) as official languages, in addition to Portuguese. Followed by Sao Paulo with 13,000.



Documents to travel to Argentine, Brazil & Paraguay.

Are you planning to travel to Iguazu Falls?

Or travelling to other parts of Brazil, Argentine or Paraguay.

First! Check your papers and  the requirements for it country.

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