Full moon at Iguassu Falls

The Full Moon tour is one of  my favorite,  romantic,  dramatic, mysterious, etc.. Well, i am a photographer, it is a great challenge for pictures.

You can say “at night?” What you gonna see there? Dark in middle of the Iguassu National Park with jaguars.  The feeling of the power of the Falls is amazing , your sensibility became more refined , you can hear and feel  better.

The Falls also surprised the rainbow “yes rainbow by full moon light, it isn´t incredible? Your eyes see like a silver rainbow ,but with your camera gets all the colors , perfect for photography …



Nikon d7000 nikkor lens 28mm 3.5 manual 13s f/3.5 ISO-400


The tour at the Argentine side is at the Devils Throat Falls , the bigger in volume of water at the Iguassu Falls. You ride a train through the rain forest, walk in middle of the dark the Devils Throat Trail crossing the Superior Iguassu River. By the end you will be at the edge of the Devils Throat  falls.

It happen 5 nights with 3 turn per night , with limited places. The tour only happen with moon visibility ,and  at cloudy and raining nights are not open for security. 


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Nikon D40 lente Nikon18-55mm 30s f/3.5 ISO-800 +0.7

At the Brazilian side you see the footbridge,  when you walk you get the mist from the falls, like a windy drizzle, well some times like a rain. At the footbridge you can see the rainbow, you almost can walk through the rainbow, maybe you can find the pot of gold.

To get there, the bus go through the park 11Km, you may spot any wild life , maybe the jaguar, why not, they are nocturnal. The first view is at the top of the elevator, just magnificent, go down to the best part the footbridge, take care of your photography equipment, you can get wet. At this side is just one night open for the public.

Good pics!!


Nikon d7000 nikkor lens 28mm 3.5 manual 30s f/3.5 ISO-320


Private tours and Taylor made experiences by local tour guide!

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