Visa waiver for Rio 2016 results in praise by the World Travel & Tourism Council

Be welcome to Brazil! No visas!

Institution praises Brazilian federal government action, looking on it with positive eyes and suggesting the benefit be extended

The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) has praised Brazil for waiving the need for a visa for tourists from Australia, Canada, United States and Japan between 1 June and 18 September. The action has the aim of facilitating entry to the country during Games Time.

“WTTC praises the Brazilian government for adopting the new policy that waives the need for a visa for tourists from these four countries, while hosting the Rio 2016 Games”, wrote the institution on its page. “Brazil is a strong economy from a tourist point of view, with 9.6% of the country’s GDP being generated by tourism.”

According to WTTC, the federal government’s decision is going to increase the number of tourists at Games Time.

“International acknowledgment shows that we’re on the right path to turn the Olympics into a milestone for tourism in Brazil”, celebrated the Minister of Tourism Henrique Eduardo Alves.

In addition to using the visa waiver during the sport event, WTTC is also encouraging the country to adopt similar measures in the future. “More intelligent visa related process, like the implementation of biometrics, waiver through agreements and programmes for trustworthy travellers are essential to ensure a safe and smooth trip for international visitors”, stated David Scowsill, WTTC president.

Source: Ministry of Tourism

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